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"Bien dicen que cuando tienes dos amores escojas el segundo, puesto que si estuvieras completamente feliz con el primero, el segundo no ocuparía ni un pequeño espacio en tus sentimientos…"


FRIENDS - 10 of the funniest moments:

  • Phoebe finding out about Chandler and Monica. (5.14)
  • Rachel (wrongly) guessing what Chandler does for a living. (4.12)
  • Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes. (3.02)
  • Ross finding out his sandwich was thrown away. (5.09)
  • Secret spilling at Thanksgiving. (6.09)
  • Monica teaching Chandler about the seven erogenous zones. (4.11)
  • Ross getting spray tanned too many times. (10.03)
  • Ross, Chandler and Rachel moving Ross’ couch. (5.16)
  • Ross and Rachel singing ‘Baby Got Back’ to Emma. (9.07)
  • Ross playing the bagpipes, with Phoebe singing along. (7.15)
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